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Measure and improve your vertical jump with the SkyMeter…

Simply hang the SkyMeter from the front of a basketball rim or attach it to the volleyball antenna and the SkyMeter gives coaches and athletes a way to measure their vertical jump to the nearest inch.  With a vertical range from 6 to 10 feet, the SkyMeter helps to set goals for physical improvement.

For Basketball and Volleyball, the SkyMeter replaces wall-mounted units and cumbersome, expensive free-standing devices… 

The SkyMeter belongs in the gym bag of every coach and athlete.  Lightweight, portable, and convenient, the SkyMeter is made from impact-resistant plastic and tough, flexible vinyl.  It hangs easily with a broomstick and since it’s not wall-mounted, the SkyMeter is great for both free standing and running approaches… there’s no fear of colliding with or banging your knuckles against a wall.




The SkyMeter includes drills and instructions for increasing your vertical jump and is great for use in the gym or at home.  Isn’t it time to find out…

$24.95 Retail

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